Doors Open at 10:00 AM and Raffle begins at 12:00 PM with prizes drawn every 10 minutes until 7:00 PM.
Prizes are an assortment of items from Hockenberry’s Guns and Ammo in New Bloomfield, PA along with cash prizes every hour starting at noon. If these cash prizes are claimed before the next cash prize is drawn the winner will receive an additional $100. The 7:00 PM drawing is for $5,000 and must match the 7:00 PM PA Lottery Pick 4. If this prize is claimed in person within 5 minutes of being announced, the winner receives a bonus of $2,500 for a total prize of $7,500.
Food & Beverages are included in the $20.00 ticket donation.
EZ-Ups are encouraged due to limited pavilion space.